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Branch Services

Telephone Banking


With First Line Express, now banking is as easy as picking up the phone. By simply dialing 662-489-6986 from any touch-tone phone, you may use First Line Express to:

  • Obtain important account information
  • Obtain account balance
  • Check on the status of a check
  • Obtain loan payment information
  • Obtain current interest rates
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make loan payments
  • And more

Direct Deposit

Save a trip to the bank! First Choice Bank ’s Direct Deposit conveniently and automatically deposits your paycheck, Social Security payment or pension check into your checking or savings account in absolute safety. You have the security of knowing that your money is safely in the bank, even if you are on vacation. This service is free of charge.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

ACH provides security and convenience for direct deposit transactions such as payroll and Social Security direct deposit. Recurring payments commonly processed through ACH include payment of insurance premiums and other reoccurring amounts at designated intervals. This method automates the process of moving funds from an account at one institution to an account at another institution.

Automatic Transfers

Automatic transfers provide a convenient way to transfer funds between accounts on a scheduled basis. Please contact us to make arrangements for this service.

Bank By Mail

For those who find banking by mail more convenient, we provide bank by mail deposit envelopes without charge.

Night Depository

Our night depository is available for your use any time. There is a depository at all of our banking locations for your convenience. Depository supplies are provided. Adequate lighting is provided for your security concerns.

Official Checks

A secure way to provide for the handling of collected funds. May be purchased during lobby hours.

Wire Transfers

We initiate and receive electronically, domestic and foreign wire transfers in a secure and confidential environment.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Various sizes of safe deposit box rentals are available for the security of your personal possessions. These boxes are available at our Main office, 236 Hwy 15 North Branch, and Ecru Branch location.

Merchant Card Processing

Through The Independent BankersBank (TIB), we offer merchant card processing services and equipment. TIB rates are very competitive, and through analysis we can generally match or better the rate you are now receiving. Credit card machines and equipment may be leased or purchased. Also, if you currently have a credit card machine, TIB can reprogram most terminals and printers over the telephone to be compatible with their software as a NO-COST service for new merchants. No contract is required. A help desk is available to assist with any problems that may occur. For more information about our credit card machines and a Merchant Processing Application, please call First Choice Bank at 662-489-1631.

Notary Service

Notary services are provided at all of our locations. This service is provided at no charge to customers.

Commercial Check Printing

We offer commercial check printing services at a reasonable fee. This service allows for a more timely receipt of your check order.

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